Pretty Uneventful, But It Won’t Be Long

June 12, 2011 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:

June 10th – It was pretty uneventful except for the US Steel Workers Protest on the bridge.  Our Peregrines didn’t seem to mind all the flags and people that were about. It was surprising to see the interest that the Steelworkers and their children took in the falcons.  Many had no idea that they even nested on the bridge.  Around 3:00 in the afternoon, Mom caught a pigeon right under the Skyway.  The Steelworks watched in amazement as she took it to a telephone pole across the canal to prepare it.  After taking her share, she made a drop at the nest box.  It was the first time in 3 days that we had seen the juvies get a meal.  However, we are not there 24/7.

We had a visit from MAK and Joyce from Rochester who were on their way to the CPF banding at the Scarborough Yellow Pages site.  It was nice to meet the girls and share our common interest.

June 11th - A very cold and grey day at the Bridge.  Heavy jackets required.  Just a whole lot of wing flapping going on.  I think lift off will be pretty soon.  There is no white down left and they are sure exercising those wings.

It’s very interesting this year with our new Dad Mackenzie.  He is certainly a feisty little guy and he does not shy away from a Pigeon, a Cormorant, a Gull or even a Turkey Vulture.  On several occasions we have seen him trying to teach the gulls and cormorants that they are not to be anywhere near “His” bridge.  The other interesting thing is that he and Mom are hunting in tandem.  It is so interesting to watch.  Sir Adam Beck was never much of a hunter and we never saw him bring in a pigeon.  Mackenzie brings in the pigeons even though it is a struggle for him to manage. 

We’re off again.  Hoping that all goes well with the fledge of our girls.

Just the Two of Us Mom Almost Loses Dinner Whole Lot of Flapping Going On Lady Lamont Almost Off