!!! Brampton photos of Milton and Truss!!

June 07, 2011 - Brampton - Courthouse

Mark Nash Reports:

A huge thank you to Winston for allowing us to post his great photos and observation report of Milton and Truss. Wish I was there!!!
Winston writes:

Hi Mark,

Good to hear that you are aware of the Brampton peregrines and that you are taking steps to communicate their presence.
I would love to help with photos or banding should the opportunity arise. I work close to the courthouse and could even help out on my lunch hours.
I am submitting some pictures from the last two days that I give permission to use. The ones of the Killdeer are from yesterday, the kill was dropped off at the Northwest corner, then the adult quickly flew off and today a not so friendly American Kestrel forced one of the peregrines from its perch and actually south down Hurontario towards the 407.
Good luck, and keep up the good work!