!!! Current Clutch Of Eggs has failed

May 05, 2011 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Recent observations, and reports from staff have indicated that the eggs the adults were incubating have “disappeared”  The unusual cold and the amount of rain may have been a factor of the failure of this clutch of eggs.

This is not usual and does happen when extreme weather conditions and poor nesting choices by the adult peregrines prove too much for a successful hatch.

Peregrines are able to produce another clutch of eggs in another area or in the same nesting scrape.

Monitoring and observations will continue in hope that this will happen. Currently, the adults remain in the area and are seen in courtship behaviour which is a positive sign that they will lay more eggs.

Updates will be provided here, so stayed tuned and if anyone has sightings please send them in.