!!! All is Quiet

April 14, 2011 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Kathy Reports:

Day 13 of incubation and it has been very quiet here at the site.  I’ve only spotted Jack twice in the past week.  It seems his schedule and mine are quite different now that both his females are into the incubation period so I seem to be missing him but I did observe one shift change a few days ago while I was out there.

I did go down the street with binoculars to make sure Angel was okay and could see her wing tips peeking out the top of the box so I’m assuming that everything is going as planned.

Quiet and calm is good at this stage in the game.

Update:  Of course as soon I mention not seeing much of Jack - I see him!  When I left the site tonight, he was on his usual perch hanging out!