!!! Could there be a second pair of peregrines in Windsor??

February 02, 2011 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

CPF Postmaster Reports:

After many e-mail over the past few months, and with a huge thank you to Robert for his determination and persistence, it would appear that there could be another pair of territorial peregrines in Windsor Ontario. He has been watching a water tower at Benjamin and Hanna where there has been allot of raptor activity since October of last year. He recently sent us some video that he shot of one of the peregrines at the at the water tower, along with a couple of observation reports.

While we don’t suspect that any offspring has been as yet, if there is a territorial pair holding firm at this site, (and a suitable nesting ledge that the pair find interesting), we may just see a new family in the works.

Robert writes: February 2nd / 2011
Hello again! I captured a little bit of video this morning… put on your headphones because the sound of this particular bird will probably better help you identify it if this is a peregrine.

Follow link to video - (click the HD 720P link at the bottom right for higher quality video/audio)

October 2010 observation:
I don’t know if you’re aware of this but there is a peregrine living underneath the water tower on Benjamin & Hanna.

And if I’m right there might baby falcons up there as well?? I say that because this morning the firefighters were rappel training from the top and the peregrine was getting very very agitated by their presence. It appeared very defensive about its territory.

I know the one has been living there for at least 18 months but it could be longer. I’ll try to capture them on video sometime but they are elusive.