Christmas Goose For A Peregrine?

December 15, 2010 - International, National and Local News

Frank Butson Reports:

Thanks for the use of your photos Meghan and sending us your exciting sighting!

Meghan Wetmore Reports:

I wanted to send along some photos of a Peregrine Falcon I saw the other day taking a run at a Canada Goose.
I was at the Leslie St. Spit, also know as Tommy Thompson Park on Saturday December 11,2010. At 9:45am we spotted this Falcon sitting on a small outcrop near one of the small “islands” /”mudflats ? In the west side just a bit past the marina, directly opposite the boat storage area that is across the water(I have only been to the Spit once before so I am unfamiliar with the terminology of the area I was in.)
All of a sudden the Peregrine flew up and out over the water. The area was filled with ducks of all sorts. Long Tailed, Bufflehead, Mergansers, but this Falcon went straight after a Canada Goose!! It was quite a sight to see. I don’t think the Canada Goose knew what was going on, but he/she dove straight under the water to avoid the attack. I have never seen a Canada Goose dive down and completely submerge for that amount of time before After a few moments the Canada Goose emerged from under the water, looking quite upset about the whole situation. He was quite vocal and started swimming off towards a larger group of Ducks and Geese, safety in numbers,I assume. The Falcon hovered momentarily over the area and then flew off to the west and was lost to sight.I have included a few photos I took of the incident.

Peregrine Finding A Target Target Aquired Peregrine Wants Goose Attack! Missed...Peregrine In Flight