!!! Sheraton Chick from 2004 Hurricane is a Dad

July 23, 2010 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Frank Butson Reports:

Today at William Osler Heath Centre in Etobicoke,CPF,Ministry of Natural Resources and Osler management and staff took part in the first banding ceremony ever at the facility. The Ontario Stewardship Rangers were in attendance and assisted with the banding.

The extraction was a little tricky today,as one of the chicks,believed to be a male,eluded Mark Heaton of MNR,running around on the ledge out of range. As a result this chick will be banded at a later date if it should be rescued at fledge time.  One chick,a beautiful healthy female was banded today. She will be named in the near future,stay tuned for a coming post.  The particulars of todays banding:

Female,25 days old,weighing in at a very healthy 890 grams,black over black band,23/X.

The chick was very vocal. Ashleigh from the Ontario Stewardship Rangers held the chick,while Mark Heaton from the Ministry of Natural Resources banded the bird.

The adults and proud parents on site were confirmed to be:

Female:named O’Connor,hatched 05/06/07 at the Landmark Building in Summit County Ohio. Banded on 05/24/07 .
Male: named Hurricane, who hatched in 2004 on the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto.

It is always exciting news for the nest site hosts,management,staff and CPF volunteer fledge watchers to hear of the success of one of their birds. Hurricane has been onsite for several years and this is his first successful nest. Last season Hurricane,along with his mate was a proud foster Father to 3 chicks.

Hurricane On Nestledge Hurricane and O'Connor On Nestledge Squawky Female Chick Weigh-In