!!! Blackberry rescue!

June 27, 2010 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

With a very busy weekend behind us all, and trying to keep updated with all the activity, its been difficult to recall all that has happened. To summerize, and with thanks to Magdalene who lives in a condo on the south west corner of Bloor and Islington, who was persistent in her efforts to make contact with someone that would actually help her and her little trapped feathered friend, she finally reached the Canadian Peregrine foundation through Toronto Wildlife.

This was only after being told by other animal agencies to simply capture the raptor in a towel or sheet and toss it off the 10th floor balcony! Its a bird, it will fly.

Concerned that the bird may have suffered injuries and/or be dehydrated after spending two very long hot days surrounded by glass in the direct sun without any food and water, she continued to pursue someone that could offer some realistic advice as to how to deal with her little trapped feathered visitor.

After several telephone conversations with Magdalene on the cell phone while on route to her location,, (and dealing with the hwy closures, while stuck in an endless sea of stop and go traffic down at the lakeshore for over two hours), Marion and I finally arrived at her location at Bloor & Islington to find little Blackberry roosting calmly in the corner on the concrete balcony floor of her balcony. Given the amount of excrement on the balcony floor and the fact that Magdalene had been away all weekend, it is likely that Blackberry had been trapped there all weekend.

While dehydrated and very hungry, Blackberry checked out in good condition. He was scooped up quite easily given his dilemma and was very willing to accept water freely from the spray bottle. He was held over for further observations to ensure that his condition was confirmed, and until he could be released back to the nest site building rooftop safely. By the evening, his condition had improved quite dramatically, (for the better), with a very alert feisty bird with lots of energy. After second quick examination and a little more water, Blackberry was released back to the nest site building roof top. Photos attached with this entry.

Now its off to the two downed fledglings from the Up-town Yonge & Eglinton nest site!
Stay tuned…………