!!! The search continues!!

June 25, 2010 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Mark Nash Reports:

We have had an incredible development that was just brought to our attention. This afternoon we received a call from the Toronto Wildlife folks with news that they had received a young Kestrel that was transferred to them from the Toronto Animal services.

The young falcon was trapped behind a balcony at Young & Eglinton here in Toronto and was rescued by the Toronto Animal Services after being called by the concerned occupant of the apartment residence. While identified by Toronto animal Services as an American Kestrel, but it didn’t take Toronto Wildlife staff but minute to recognize that this raptor was not a Kestrel, and the photo evidence sent to us confirms their findings without any question.

In addition to the bird being UNBANDED, we can confirm that it is a juvenile peregrine, and a recent fledgling peregrine falcon at that! The photo that was sent into us from the good folks at Toronto Wildlife clearly confirms its a juvenile peregrine and given the time of year, its a young fledgling peregrine.

So, the mystery (at least in part) has been partially solved, with regards to the here-again, gone again presence of the Up-Town resident peregrines that we have received so many reports about over the past months. After many site visits, we have never been able to find a nesting site of the on-again, off again un-banded territorial adults at Yonge & Eglinton, but we now have proof that they have in fact nested, and have produced at least one fledgling!

The search continues to locate their nesting site and further petition the area property management groups and residents to try and find out where the pair have set up house.

The fledgling is doing just fine and is unharmed and no worse for wear. Efforts are being made with the OMR to ensure that this bird is banded and released back to it parents in a timely fashion.

Stay tuned,,,,