March 06, 2010 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:


Yesterday, Bill and I tried to get to the Lift Bridge to check on the birds.   We were unable to get anywhere close.  The normal parking lot and driveway was still closed by the workers doing the Lift Bridge repairs and the walkway on the beach side was closed because of the Hydro work going on.  There were men standing on the roof of the Burlington Tower directly above the nest box so I’m not certain that the maintenance work in the Tower has been completed.  As of Friday, I would have bet my last dollar that the chance of a successful breeding season was slim to nil.


Today, we made another attempt to check on the birds and we were able to access the pier from the beach side of the road.  The gate to the normal parking lot is still filled with work trailers and the gate was locked.  I am happy to report though that it appears that the repair work on the Bridge has been completed as all 4 lanes on the bridge are open once again.   


We arrived around 10:00 am and spent a few hours watching.  When we arrived, Cirrus was sitting on the Hamilton Hydro Tower and Sir was sitting on the cables close to the next box.   Sir did a few flybys of Cirrus chirping and I assume begging for food.  He then flew to the nest box and disappeared inside.  I guess Cirrus was curious and flew over to check it out.  With that they both took the air and did a couple of circles around the Burlington Tower.   He then landed on the nest box and she landed on the buffer housing on the Hamilton Tower.  Eventually she took to the air and disappeared from our sight behind the Burlington Tower.  After a short time, we could see her returning with prey in her talons.  She landed on the Burlington Hydro Tower and proceeded to prepare her meal.  I guess Sir was out of her line of vision as he continued to sit on the nest box. 


We are assuming that it is the resident pair of Cirrus and Sir Adam Beck.  We were able to read a partial band of Black K/Over Green ?? (Cirrus is Black K/Green 83).  Were we unable to read the bands of the other bird.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


If Ontario Hydro would hurry up and finish their work, perhaps a successful breeding season is not out of the question.

Lift Bridge Work Complete I Hope Cirrus Bringing In Her Meal Cirrus Bringing In Her Meal Cirrus Enjoying Her Meal Cirrus Enjoying Her Meal Cirrus Partial Band Sir Adam Beck (We Think) Standing Guard