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2006 Downtown Toronto - King Street Banding Photo Gallery

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Banding Day

June 9th, 2006

Mark Nash reports:
Banding Day – All 4 very healthy chicks indeed!

A great day indeed! Assembled on the 12 floor, with much excitement in the air. With many thanks to Brookfield Properties, Solar Window washing, the Ontario Power Generation and our good friends at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, along with some 60 plus attendees, the peregrine banding went without a hitch again this year and was a great success. This year’s 4 hatchlings were as feisty as ever, with three males and one female!! It was nice to see many of the Toronto down town watchers in attendance, as well as Cindy and Andy from OPG and Liann Rea from Brookfield Properties.

We have some very interesting news indeed with regards to the resident adults at this nest site this year. While we have confirmed that the resident adult male is still Windwhistler (a.k.a. Spike that was produced at the Etobicoke nest site in 1998), we have a NEW resident adult female!! John Pisapio, a biologist from the MNR Aurora district office who attended the swing stage again this year to extract the hatchlings from the nest ledge observed the resident adult females coloured leg band, AND it is a solid RED coloured band!!! While he was unable to get the numbers/digits, - (she was not in a posing mood as you might imagine), this news of the resident adult female wearing this red coloured band tells us an amazing story indeed!! The solid red bands are only put on the hack released birds, and this observation tells us that this year’s resident female at the Toronto Downtown nest site at 18 King Street is one of the hacked out / released birds!! We will be focusing some close attention on this new lady over the next week to try and get her identification digits from the band to confirm her identity/history.

(And yes, Windwhistler – a.k.a Spike, the resident adult male at this nest site, and he is still attending to Wind and her new hatchling at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel nest site)!! Wind has one chick hatched from her second clutch of eggs. Windwhistler’s black coloured band has been photographed on several occasions at both nest sites again this year and he is a very busy boy indeed!! Two separate families at two separate nest sites for the fourth year running!

The two male hatchlings were named: Sir Adam and Tucker, and the two female chicks were named: Big Becky and Sonyador

A huge thank you to All those involved for making this a great day!!!!!!

Web Camera update:

While we are still scrambling, and running to catch up, the Toronto Downtown nest web cam will soon be up and running with the support of Brookfield Properties, Peregrine Protection and D.G Consulting who has been kind enough to help with the telephone lines, internet connections, camera and the computer needed to provide the camera nest image.

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