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Release Day

July 7th, 2005

My arrival was met with excitement in the air, as the many watchers had been assembling since 8 am in the morning at the Charleston Lake marina docks to catch their boat taxi to various watch camps set up by the Leeds County Stewardship and used to position themselves to conduct the falcon watch.

While I was not late (this time), everyone was very eager to get these three young peregrines go wild and free. Likely, one of the last peregrine hack releases in Ontario, we were all filled with mixed emotions, both excitement and sadness. History in the making. Shortly after my arrival, we were met by Melissa from the Kemptville district office of the MNR.

With everyone in position, and much anticipation, Gary Neilson from the Leeds County Stewardship climbed atop of the hack box and pulled the bars. With the bars pulled, we all waited for the birds to appear. Approx. 15 minutes after the bars were pulled, the first juvenile appeared (identified as Saunders by his band number). Next was Lennox, and then Kilowatt. It took approx. 15 minutes for the three to exit the hack box. For the next 45 minutes, the birds all played and chased each other around the outside platform, to the roof of the hack box, back to the front platform of the box, roosting, and two actually laid down to take a rest.

A perfect release, and just what we all wanted to see, with each of the birds taking their time as they each exited the hack box.

Within the first 45 minutes, the first bird to take its first flight was Kilowatt, with a very strong flight, with a couple of passes over the hack box (and our observation tent). The second bird to fledge was Lennox with a similar good strong flight. Last but not least was Saunders.

My departure was delayed as one of the juveniles had landed on the top of the camouflage observation tent that we were sitting in. This was a first!!

At the time of my departure, all three birds had taken their first flights, and all the birds were in view of the watchers.

-- Mark Nash




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