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2005 Brockville/Leeds County Banding Photo Gallery

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Banding Day

June 22nd, 2005

After picking up the young peregrine chicks from the avian vet, Tracy and I departed Toronto for Charleston Lake - the hack release site.

Arriving at around 12:45 pm, with clear sunny skies, we were greeted by our sponsors from Ontario Power Generation and the Leeds County Stewardship Council, along with a representative from the Charleston Lake Environmental Foundation. With much excitement from all, we left the vehicles and proceeded down the trail to the hack box. After a short orientation (and tour) of the hack site for our sponsors, we proceeded with the banding.

After the removal of the seamless breeder's bands that the peregrine chicks were shipped with, they were all re-banded with the bands supplied by Mr. Hunter of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

With Linda Holliday, Mike Kavanagh, Liisa Blimske, John McCann, and Ron Threader from the OPG, Dwayne Struthers representing both the Leeds County Stewardship Council and the Charleston Lake Environmental Foundation, and Tracy Simpson from the CPF on hand to help with the banding, the banding was completed in record time.

As the young peregrines were banded, they were also named by our OPG partners. "Kilowatt" - a 880 (plus) gram female, "Lennox" - a 660 gram male, and "Saunders" - a 570 gram male were carried down the hill to their new home in the hack box overlooking (and giving them an incredible view of) Charleston Lake. What a view indeed!!!

Photos of all were taken during this banding event.

All of the birds were very happy to be done with this entire procedure and were eager to investigate their new home. By the end of the day, each of young peregrines was more than happy to "gorge" on their fresh bird lunch that Dwayne had prepared for them.

It was a very special good day indeed, and we were all saddened to leave.
I wish we could have stayed.




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