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2006 Mississauga Centre Banding Photo Gallery

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Banding Day

June 1st, 2006

Mark Nash reports: A great day indeed! Assembled in the lobby of MEC 1 again this year, and everyone seemed every bit as excited as I was. With many thanks to Oxford Properties, Sky Reach and our good friends at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, along with some 100 plus attendees, the banding went without a hitch again this year and was a great success. This year’s 4 hatchlings were as feisty as ever, and included 3 female hatchlings and one male. Many photos were taken by several photographers this year, and you can see them all in the 2006 MEC nest site photo gallery.

We were all delighted to have some special guests in attendance as one of the local schools attended this year with class of children to both witness and assist with the banding event this year.

For the most parts, the banding went without a twist, - with one small exception. While the banding went routinely, the adult peregrines made sure that the event was a memorable one for the crowd as they gathered outside of MEC 1 to watch the young hatchlings being removed from the nest box. With the swing stage in position, after having been lowered down from the roof to the nest box, the resident adult female showed her displeasure by stooping John, a biologist from the OMNR, and grabbing his MNR hat right off his head. The adult female then carried the hat across the courtyard over to MEC # 3, and dropped it just short of the roof top ledge. As the hat fell from the sky down the side of the building, both resident adults joined in a chase for the hat as it fell to the ground level.

I guess they vented a little of that good old peregrines attitude at Johns hat. Better the hat than his head!! The peregrines hatchlings were returned to the nest box no worse for wear, and settled down back to life as usual, much to the delight of the adult peregrine parents!

The four hatchlings were named: Peter, Lynnette, Julie and Paula.

A huge thank you to the Oxford properties management group and the MEC staff for making such a great day!




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