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1 Robert Speck Parkway in the Mississauga Executive Centre complex -- Robert Speck Parkway, just east of Hurontario Street (Highway 10). The Square One shopping centre is on the opposite side of Hurontario.


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NOTE: Peregrine sightings from 2006-2008 are temporarily unavailable as of April 11, 2009. We are working hard to correct this issue, please check back again soon!

March 30, 2008.

Bruce Massey Reports:

Just a quick note on what happened at the MEC nest site around noon today. Within five minutes, the male flew in to the nest ledge, just east of the nest box. The female flew out of the nest box over to the North Side of number three building. Five minutes later the male joined her, or at least flew in the same direction, and I assumed bred her. The female then flew over to the nest box and perched on the "landing platform". The male state over on the north side of number three building. Unfortunately, due to the wind I was not able to scope the birds, to ascertain who and whether they were banded or not.

March 10, 2008.

Lois Reports:

I have been watching our Mississauga guys. They've been pretty active chasing the local Red-Tailed Hawk. We've also got a Cooper's Hawk that's moved into the area (it took a bird from my feeders on Friday and sat on the tree outside my house to eat it) that I've seen them chase, although it doesn't come down this far very often. There were remnants of a pigeon on the grounds on Friday too, so at least they're well-fed.

March 6, 2008.

Lois Reports:

The MEC peregrines have mated (ah, the voyeur birder). I guess we're going to have wee ones again!

January 7, 2008.

Emma Stainton Reports:

I stopped by on Robert Speck Parkway and observed both the male and female chase off what appeared to be a small hawk from the nest site. Wonderful to see both adults are present and that they are protective of the site.