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(Photo by Linda Woods)

(the following has been reproduced from the Downtown Toronto - Sheraton Hotel nest site observations page)

Thursday March 3, 2005
Linda Woods reports:
15:30 hrs. After spending a few minutes watching two peregrines on Mt.Sinai Hospital I made my way south to the 43rd of the Sheraton Hotel Toronto. I was only there a few minutes when one peregrine arrived and was softly vocalizing. I think it may have been "Wind" but could not identify, the bird's head was behind the pillar. She sat there for a few minutes and took off. Moments later Windwhistler showed up and sat on the ledge closest to the nesting tray looking directly towards the access door. There is a small viewing hole in the door and I don't know if he can see me but the view is limited for the basic digital camera. After he sat for a few minutes and gave me the opportunity to snap a picture or two, he took off towards 390 Bay St.. ( east of the Sheraton) He may have been heading towards the King St. nest.

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