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2005 Downtown Toronto - King Street Banding Photo Gallery

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Banding Day

June 15th, 2005

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first sighting of Peregrine Falcons in southern Ontario in over 50 years, and it happened at the Olympia and York property of # 18 King St. east. History was made by the now infamous peregrine pair of Pounce-Kingsley and Victoria who also made history in their final year of life (2002) by producing 5 offspring. Today, Windwhistler and Mandy now reside at #18 King St. and this year they have produced four chicks.

The ceremony began at 10:00 am with opening remarks by Mark Nash, of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. Pud Hunter and Mark Heaton of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources were in attendance to oversee the procedure and to do the banding. Kim Fernie and Shane Desolla from the Canadian Wildlife Services also provided the expertise in avian blood sampling for monitoring the general health of the species.

This year Windwhistler and Mandy have hatched 4 very healthy chicks (two males, and two females). They are named DaVinci, Taiago, Rea, and Jack. Many thanks to Leanne Rea of Olympia and York Property Management Group, Joe Motto, General Manager, # 18 King St.East, and all of his staff, Tiago, Joe and Brian and security services of # 18 King St. for their support for hosting the banding.

Our sincere thanks to Solar and their staff for getting us to the nest ledge via the window washing swing stage, as without their support this banding would not have been possible.

A very special thanks to both O&Y Enterprises and Peregrine Protection for their support with the CPF web cameras, as the camera observations allows us to properly monitor the peregrines, allowing vital hatching information to be assessed to coordinate and schedule banding times.

Thank you Mark Heaton, Pud Hunter, Emma Followes, and all from the OMNR for their continued support in the banding of the peregrines, and to all of the many volunteers that help in monitoring these nest sites.

A great day indeed!!

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