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The nest is near the northwest corner of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Crowne Plaza is on the east side of Lyon, between Albert (to the south) and Queen (to the north).

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NOTE: Peregrine sightings from 2006-2008 are temporarily unavailable as of April 11, 2009. We are working hard to correct this issue, please check back again soon!

April 10, 2008.

Eve Ticknor Reports:

Falcons are in full incubation mode

I went to the roof of Constitution Square around 11:30 this morning and saw Diana on her nest scrape. It was too windy to put up my scope, so I wasn't able to look for eggs, but she is most definitely brooding. My guess is that she has been on her nest for the past 1 or 2 days, so counting forward 33 days to hatch...

April 6, 2008.

Phil Reports:

Falcons are in full incubation mode

Yesterday morning at 8:45 Conner was perched between the second and third column,north-west side of the Crowne Plaza. I watched him for some 15 minutes and all seemed quiet, no sign of Diana. Today at about the sametime Conner was again near the north-west corner of the hotel, this time i heard some vocalizing. He then flys off to land on the anteena of the Bradson building. He again flies off chasing some sparrows around the Crowne and returns to his vantage point on the anteena. I turn back to the hotel and there is Diana on the north-west corner and she is vocalizing. Conner then returns to that corner on the Crowne and they briefly mate. When I left them Diana was on the same corner and Conner was inside the nest area.

March 7, 2008.

Eve Ticknor Reports:

This afternoon our falcons were barely visible through the snow on the west side of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Good thing snow doesn't bother them!

March 6, 2008.

Eve Ticknor Reports:

This afternoon, around 4:20, I drove by the Coats Building at Tunney's Pasture and found both our Peregrines there, on the north face, near the west end. Although they usually perch on the west face, there was too much snow this time...... Looking forward to our 12th season in a month, I hope.

February 12, 2008.

Eve Ticknor Reports:

Around 4:30 this afternoon I went looking for our falcons and found both of them on the west side of the Coats Building at Tuney's Pasture. Diana was on top of a column near the north end while Connor was tucked in a corner over the top bank of windows nearest the southern-most column on the same side.