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March 2002 - Project Track'em, Education Program, Project Release

November 2001 - Project Track'em, Education Program, CPF Education Centre
August 2001
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May 2001
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February 2001 - Project Track'em, Project Release, Education Program

November 2000 - Project Track-'em, Education Program
August 2000 - Project Track-'em, Education Program
May 2000 - Project Track'em, Project Release, Education Program
February 2000 - Project Track-'em, Education Program

November 1999 - Project Track-'em, Education Program
August 1999 - Project Release, Project Track-'em, Osprey Watch '99
May 1999 - Project Release, Project Watch-'em, Osprey Watch '99, Education Program
February 1999 - Project Release, Falcon Watch Centres, Education Program

November 1998 - Falcon Watch Centres, Education Program, Satellite Tracking

The article below is an example of a program update, from the May 2001 issue of Talon Tales.

CPF Education Centre


Centre for


TD Friends of the

Home Depot Canada

Argo Lumber Ltd.


Additional sponsors will be required for future phases of the CPF Education Centre to proceed. Financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteer labour are all greatly appreciated. For more information on how you can become part of this exciting project, please contact Mark Nash by phone at (416) 481-1233 or 1-888-709-3944 or via e-mail at <mark@>.


When Project School Visit was launched in November 1998, nobody realized how integral environmental education would become to the activities of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. However, now with hundreds of school visits behind us, not to mention dozens of other presentations at a wide variety of events, we have become well aware of not only the high level of interest in such talks, but also of their value with respect to the long term conservation of the peregrine falcon and other raptors.

Recognizing the need to establish a larger and more permanent base of operations for the Education Program, CPF directors began last year to search for a site which could house our educational birds, and also eventually be developed into a fully operational centre for public education. A perfect match was found at the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Woodbridge, northwest of Toronto. The Canadian Peregrine Foundation has leased an unused barn (see photo at left) and has begun the process of converting it for use by the Foundation.

Phase one - Construction of the indoor pens:
The most immediate need was to create indoor pens to house CPFs educational birds. Measurements of the barn were taken in February and blueprints for construction were prepared from these. The barn was determined to be large enough for five pens - three for the current peregrines (Qetesh, Ariel, and Penny), plus another two for new arrivals expected this summer.

All the wood for the pens was generously donated by Argo Lumber, and Home Depot Canada provided most of the remaining materials required. The construction crew (Mark Nash and Bruce Massey, assisted by Marion Nash, David Pfeffer, and Christie Lazarou) then set to work. Over the course of four consecutive weekends in March and April, they assembled the indoor pens, sometimes working as late as 3 am to avoid falling behind schedule. By mid-April phase one had been completed, and after an inspection of the premises by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the peregrines were moved in. Their behaviour suggests they are enjoying their new home.

Future plans: 
The work to date represents just the first of several phases on the way to eventually establishing a fully operational CPF Birds of Prey Education Centre. This is a long term project, and its ultimate success will be dependent on the ability to attract further support from sponsors and volunteers alike. For the time being, efforts are being focused on phase two, the construction of the outdoor pens. Five units will be built, in line with the indoor pens; they will be designed so that the paired units can be connected or divided according to the needs of the birds, especially in relation to seasonal changes in the weather. Work on phase two will be occurring throughout the late spring and summer, and as always, volunteer assistance is most welcome.

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