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March 2002:  Status of the peregrine population

November 2001:  Anatomy (part 2): the internal features of a peregrine
August 2001:
  Causes of mortality
May 2001:  Hunting strategies
February 2001:  Anatomy (part 1): the external features of a peregrine

November 2000:  The mysteries of migration
August 2000:
  The Great Escape
May 2000:
  The history of DDT
February 2000:
  Thermoregulation: coping with environmental variation 

November 1999:  Raptor migration in Ontario
August 1999:
  From first flight to independence: the life of a fledgling
May 1999:
  From hatch to fledging: the life of a peregrine chick
February 1999:
  Human attitudes toward the peregrine falcon throughout history

November 1998:  The recent history of the peregrine falcon, 1940 to 1998 

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