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Regular features of Talon Tales:

The Editor's Notes section appears in each issue of Talon Tales, and provides both an overview of current activities at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and an introduction to the themes focused on in the current issue.

Below is an example of the Editor's Notes, from the November 2000 issue of Talon Tales.

It seems hard to believe, but another year is already coming to an end. Looking back at 2000 (see page 7), it has been another busy and successful year for the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

More than anything, it has been a year of growth. Since we began offering memberships to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation in December 1999, we have been welcoming new members at a steady rate. In August, we launched the first regional chapter of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation in Quebec (see below), and now we are pleased to announce the establishment of a new chapter in Ottawa (see page 3). Project Track-’em, which began as a pilot project in 1999, has been continued and expanded (see page 10). Also this year, our Education Program has become tremendously popular, allowing us to diversify our offerings and reach a much wider audience (see page 13).

Over the past couple of years, we have learned that there is never really any quiet time for us - fundraising is a continual challenge, and between the demands of our Education Program, Project Track-’em, and our Falcon Watch Centres, most of us are also out on the road throughout the year.

However, if there’s any one month that is a bit less hectic, it is December. We are currently discussing many exciting possibilities for 2001, and hope to use this slight lull in activity to finalize some of these plans. Among the possibilities are a number of peregrine releases, developing further partnerships through our Education Program, and beginning to address the needs of some of Canada’s other threatened and endangered raptors. We look forward to introducing you to our newest ventures in the February 2001 issue of Talon Tales. In the meantime, Happy Holidays from all of us at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation!

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