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News Item for June 2005

Sightings of a Peregrine at CPF Hack Release Site

In 2001, 2002 and 2003, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation released peregrine falcon chicks into the wild in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, marking this area (for both these birds and other birds passing through it) as a "peregrine territory." Starting in the summer of 2005, we received many sighting reports of a peregrine falcon in the area, and these sightings have been gathered on this page. Immediately below is a report from Mark Nash, director of the CPF, about these sightings and the bird in question. Click here to visit the 2003 Kitchener/Waterloo Project Release page.


Friday June 24, 2005
Mark Nash reports:
This is great news indeed. Good spotting!!!!!
The band that you have described is actually a single two coloured band, Black over Green, and it could be from New York State. I attended the Rochester banding in New York State several weeks ago, and they are using the Black over Green series bands.

I will be in Rochester tomorrow afternoon (as the CPF has once again been asked to attach/deploy the backpack transmitters on two of their peregrines that they will be tracking by satellite this year).

It's funny, in that these "roving groups of juvenile peregrines" both remember and log into memory where they spotted territorial peregrines and other peregrine nesting activities (i.e., Kitchener hacks), and when they grow up (as I suspect in this case, with this particular bird that you are sighting), return to the area to check out the "available nesting" sites. With a small nest box (not nearly as large as the hack box) available, Kitchener just may attract its first pair of peregrines next year!!!

I would love to propose to the City of Kitchener that it allow us to install a "nest box" somewhere on the City Hall (out of the way) to accommodate these future pairs of peregrines that may have taken an interest in your community.

Please keep me advised, let me know if you guys are able to read the band number and I can get the history of the bird for you.

Thursday June 23, 2005
Rudy Kruppa reports:
I hope this info can shed some light on our mystery bird. I had Judith Agnew come down at lunch with her scope to get a closer view. The bird had a full crop and at times appeared to be snoozing very comfortably. Unfortunately it had it's back to us most of the time. The few movements that were made we could make out a band on it's left leg that appeared to be black over green (2 separate bands ??? Judith's opinion). The band on the other leg was tough to spot but appeared to be red or possibly purple but we could not make out any letters or numbers. The chest seems lacking the salmon hue and seems very light but has horizontal markings and no vertical checks just to confirm my thoughts of it's maturity.

Thursday June 9, 2005
Rudy Kruppa reports:
There's a peregrine perched on the Royal Bank building sign. Unfortunately in a blond moment at my cottage I left all 4 pairs of binoculars there, so I can't get a very close bead on it. From the ground it looked like a mature bird, however once I made it to the top of the parking garage across the street it appeared to have a darker chest. This could have been glare from the sun or my 50 year old eyes playing tricks. It's been there since about 9:30 and is still there now at 11:00 and the pigeons are nowhere to be seen. Hopefully it's here to establish a territory.

Monday June 6, 2005
Rudy Kruppa reports:
Just a quick note that a peregrine arrived this morning (again) and landed on the twin domed Canada Trust Bldg at approx. 10:00 am. Dan Daly & I have seen what appears to be a mature bird frequenting this building a few days a week in the past month or so.

Thursday May 26, 2005
Dan Daly reports:
I did see a peregrine again today, this time on the sign of the Royal Bank Building. From the top of the Duke St parking garage I could see its breast fairly clearly. It had some of the verticle barring typical of a juvenile but also had a section (about 25%) of the horizontal barring more typical of the adult.

Tuesday May 24, 2005
Dan Daly reports:
As of today the peregrine is still in downtown Kitchener. It was feasting on something on top of the TD Canada Trust building this afternoon. I have not seen a mate in the vicinity at this point.

Wednesday May 18, 2005
Dan Daly reports:
An adult peregrine falcon is once again frequenting downtown Kitchener. On May 17 and 18 the bird could be seen perched on various ledges at the top of the Canada Trust Tower at the corner of King St. and Water St. The falcon has been making numerous flights in the area including riding the thermals this afternoon over the downtown. However it returns to this building most often of any of landing sites in the downtown.


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