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Mark Nash reports:
April 25th/2005
Mississauga Ontario

Jackson found dead!!

A call received by the CPF head office today was from a lady named Tracy, who reported some very tragic news about a dead peregrine she observed on the roadway in Mississauga Ontario.

She said she was driving south on Winston Churchill Blvd, south of Eglinton, and saw what she believed was a dead peregrine in the middle of the road (150 meters south of Eglinton). The lady stated she does work for "Bird Studies Canada," but in what capacity was not stated. She did know her birds, though. Maya was called and asked if she could investigate. Maya was just about to head into class, but took the time to go and check it out. (Thank-you Maya)
Maya called me back with the sad report, that in fact it was one of our "known" peregrines.

The band number has been confirmed and identified as a two year old male peregrine named "Jackson," produced at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site in 2003.

Jackson has been very active and territorial at the St. Lawrence nest site, where, it would appear, he replaced "Nate" after his death several weeks ago. Stay tuned....................

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