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Vultures being shot in the USA
by Donald Heintzelman

I've been informed by a friend that the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA's "Wildlife Services" (formerly called "Animal Damage Control") allow property owners in some parts of Florida, Virginia, and perhaps elsewhere, to have vultures shot because home owners object to vultures near or on their expensive properties.

In year 2000, according to government statistics, there were apparently 1,359 Black Vultures, 201 Turkey Vultures, and 177 "mixed vultures" (whatever that means) shot by government gunmen.

Does anybody have any updated or firsthand information on this matter? I, for one, am outraged at this because I was one of many raptor enthusiasts decades ago who was involved in securing federal raptor protection. I'm aware, of course, that vultures now are not considered Falconiform species but for practical purposes most hawk watchers and raptor biologists still consider them as such.

All input will be welcome as soon as possible.


Donald S. Heintzelman
Editor and Publisher
International Hawkwatcher
Allentown, PA USA

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