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January - December 2000

Tuesday March 28, 2000
Marcel Gahbauer reports:
  Rouge has stayed in Richmond Hill throughout the winter (with a few minor exceptions - see his Track-em traveler's diary for details), and as of last Friday (March 24) is still occupying the roof of the Richmond Hill Town Hall, at least on occasion.  As a result, it will likely not be possible to conduct an additional release from the Town Hall this summer as we had originally hoped to do.  However, it's still early in the season, and Rouge may yet get the urge to wander, so we will keep an eye on him as much as possible to see what develops.

Saturday June 17, 2000
Marcel Gahbauer reports:
  After spending a couple of months in Scarborough, it appears that Rouge may have decided to return to home sweet home again.  Alan Kirschbaum has spotted him at the Richmond Hill Town Hall on a couple of recent occasions, and others have caught a glimpse of a peregrine in the area too.

We are still working on plans for another release in Richmond Hill this summer, and hope to have news on this within a couple of weeks.

Thursday June 22, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports:
  I went past the RH town hall last night at 5:30 and 8:30.  Both times Rouge was sitting on the East side of the Hotel on the letters.  At 5:30 a house finch was within 10 feet of him, but he just sat there looking around.  At one point I saw a fly land on the building near him and I think he ate it. The finch left and Rouge took little notice.  He eventually took off around the town hall and I lost him.  At 8:30 he was again in the same spot looking around.  At one point he scratched his neck, boy what big feet he has.   He started moving his head around suggesting he was looking for dinner, or dessert, and warped out to the east.

Tuesday September 26, 2000
Marcel Gahbauer reports:
  It seems that Rouge is still hanging around Richmond Hill.  Alan Kirschbaum has spotted him on several occasions over the past few weeks, usually on the Town Hall building itself, and sometimes on the Sheraton Hotel or convention centre.  Will he stay again this year, or will he be tempted to migrate after living through a Canadian winter last year?  We should have an indication of what he plans to do soon.

Thursday September 28, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports: 
I saw Rouge again today in the late afternoon.  He was sitting on the S of the convention centre, it looked like there was a clump of  feathers nearby. 

Saturday October 7, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports:
  I was by the Richmond Hill Town Hall on this morning and didn't see Rouge at his usual spots on the way in so I thought he was somewhere else.  As I drove around to have a look at the logo on the convention centre I saw Rouge on the northeast corner of the convention centre.  I parked, got out my binoculars, but before I could have a good look I saw an explosion of feathers coming off the corner of the building. Rouge was preparing his breakfast.  After the initial shower of feathers he slowed down plucking then  looking around.  After a couple of minutes he settled down to his meal.  I moved to a better spot and could see him pulling something out of his mouth.  He flew away shortly after.  I came back in he afternoon and he was back on the convention centre, but moved to the east side of the town hall where he stayed until I left.

Wednesday October 18, 2000
Marcel Gahbauer reports:
  Yesterday Nate was released at the Richmond Hill Town Hall - full updates on him can be found on his Project Track-'em page.  Earlier in the day, around 8:45 am, Bruce Massey had spotted Rouge on the Town Hall building, but he was not spotted later in the day.

While we were on the roof, I took a quick look around to see whether I could spot the remains of any of Rouge's recent meals.  There were a few scattered pigeon bones and feathers, but they didn't look particularly fresh.  However, on the south edge of the roof, there were some orange and white feathers still sticking in place; given the wind, they could not have been there terribly long, so they were likely the remnants of Rouge's breakfast - an American Robin!

Monday October 30, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports: 
Rouge was sitting on the south side of the town hall on Saturday morning.  I expected him to look a little puffed up due to the cold weather, but the temperature didn't seem to bother him at all.

Sunday November 12, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports: 
I haven't been seeing Rouge as much as usual of late, but I did see him today.  He was at Mural and 16th avenue (north of the Town Hall).  He was sitting on a light post in a parking lot.  I was able to get much closer than usual.  He was standing in a strong cold wind and his head feathers, especially between his eyes, were puffed out a little more than usual.  He was spending some time cleaning his beak against the post and doing some foot care. 

Monday December 4, 2000
Alan Kirschbaum reports:  
I haven't seen Rouge for a while in RH.  I know I'm not there that much, but I was seeing him regularly on Saturday mornings. 

Marcel Gahbauer comments:  Recent news from Scarborough suggests that Rouge may have moved down to the Scarborough Town Centre area for the winter again.  Not nearly as impressive a migration as his brother Nate, but at least a bit of a change of scenery.


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