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Raptors of the Dominican Republic:
Ridgway's Hawk
(Buteo ridgwayi)

Ridgway's Hawk, also known as Hispaniolan Hawk, is endemic to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The species has been in serious decline for a number of years.  In 1990 and 1994, its status on the international RedList was considered "Indeterminate - Endangered, Vulnerable or Rare".  By the 1996 version of the RedList, Ridgway's Hawk was designated as endangered, and in 2000 was recognized as critically endangered.

The rapid and severe decline in the Ridgway's Hawk population is attributed to both a large-scale loss of lowland forest habitat, and direct persecution by humans.  The population is now very small and fragmented, with its only real remaining stronghold being Los Haitises National Park in the northeast part of the Dominican Republic.  However, even the park is not sufficiently protected to ensure the survival of the Ridgway's Hawk, and there is considerable concern about the future of the species. 

Photo of a male Ridgway's Hawk
at Los Haitises National Park

© Eladio Fernandez

Illustration by Pedro Genaro Rodríguez

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