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New York Raptor Identification Guide

Check out the links below for drawings and written descriptions of the following North American raptor species:

Note:  additional information on owls is available in the Owl Identification and Photo Gallery, and the Raptor Identification and Photo Gallery section contains details about other raptors.





Short-eared Owl Broad-winged Hawk American Kestrel
Long-eared Owl Red-shouldered Hawk Merlin
Barn Owl Red-tailed Hawk Peregrine Falcon
Great Horned Owl Rough-legged Hawk


Eastern Screech Owl Northern Harrier Osprey
Northern Saw-whet Owl Cooper's Hawk Bald Eagle
Barred Owl Sharp-shinned Hawk Golden Eagle
Snowy Owl Northern Goshawk Turkey Vulture

Text and images from "Raptors of New York: A Sampler" and "Owls of New York: A Sampler," reprinted with permission from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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