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Tee-Dee's transmitter fully sponsored by the Ontario Hawking Club and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Tee-Dee is one of the three young peregrines from the Kitchener-Waterloo hack release in July 2003.  He was fitted with a satellite transmitter on July 30, 2003, and the data received from him will be documented on this page as reports are received.


Tee-Dees Photo Gallery

Tee-Dee's movements, July - November 2003

December 30, 2003:  40.7N, 73.9W (New York NY).  Tee-Dee has become another in the increasingly long list of satellite-tracked peregrines to visit New York City.  He arrived by December 6, and has gradually moved down the Hudson River, through Manhattan, and most recently was on the western end of Long Island, a few kilometres west of Jamaica Bay.

November 27, 2003:  42.1N, 76.0W (Binghamton NY).  Tee-Dee's distinctly non-linear exploration of New York state continues, with a flight to the southwest from his last stop, ending up on the outskirts of Binghamton today.

November 23, 2003:  42.8N, 73.7W (Albany NY).  By November 18, Tee-Dee had arrived in Albany, and as of tonight he remains in the state capital.

November 14, 2003:  43.1N, 75.7W (Oneida NY).  Tee-Dee's stay in Kitchener was only brief - he continued to be seen in Brampton almost daily through November 4, and there were some additional reports of him there for several days beyond that, including satellite data from November 9.  Then suddenly he decided to make a more significant move - today's satellite data indicate he is now near Oneida, New York, a bit east of Syracuse.

October 31, 2003:  43.4N, 80.5W (Kitchener ON).  For the first time in over a month, Tee-Dee has returned home to Kitchener; this particular signal in fact came from very close to city hall, from where he was hacked this summer; we would be interested in receiving reports from anyone in the area who saw him return to the area this week.

October 27, 2003:  43.7N, 79.7W (Brampton ON).  Tee-Dee remains in Brampton, and has been observed almost daily over the past week.

October 22, 2003:  43.6N, 79.7W (Brampton ON).  Brampton seems to have a powerful allure, as Tee-Dee has returned there yet again.

October 18, 2003:  43.3N, 80.1W (Rockton ON).  Today Tee-Dee is back west again, now in the vicinity of the African Lion Safari.

October 14, 2003:  43.6N, 79.6W (Mississauga ON).  Tee-Dee has shifted a bit south again, close to the lakeshore in Mississauga.

October 9, 2003:  43.7N, 79.7W (Brampton ON).  Just a slight move over the past few days to the northeast side of Brampton.

October 5, 2003:  43.7N, 79.8W (Brampton ON).  Tee-Dee has moved back southeast to the Brampton area.

September 26, 2003:  43.8N, 80.2W (Hillsburgh ON).  Today's explorations for Tee-Dee were in a more northerly direction, taking him to an area roughly midway between Fergus and Orangeville.

September 21, 2003:  43.4N, 80.5W (Kitchener ON).  Whether or not the Mississauga peregrines had anything to do with it we'll never know, but at any rate, Tee-Dee is back home in Kitchener again today.

September 17, 2003:  43.6N, 79.6W (Mississauga ON).  Odds are that Tee-Dee has met other peregrines within recent days, or is about to.  His current position is near the intersection of Highway 10 and the Queen Elizabeth Way ... roughly centrally located between the three territorial pairs of peregrines in Mississauga at the Mississauga Executive Centre, St. Lawrence Cement, and the Lakeview Generating Station.

September 13, 2003:  43.7N, 79.7W (Brampton ON).  Another new area for Tee-Dee to explore - Brampton!  We received two strong signals from him today, both along the south edge of Brampton (just northwest of Toronto).

September 8, 2003:  43.5N, 80.6W (Kitchener ON).  This time Tee-Dee's report comes from the west side of Kitchener. He hasn't been at the same location two times in a row for a while, suggesting that further movements are to come as the peak of the fall migration season approaches. 

September 4, 2003:  43.4N, 80.4W (Kitchener ON).  Looks like it's too early to be leaving home for good - as of today, Tee-Dee is back in the southern part of Kitchener.

August 30, 2003:  43.1N, 80.7W (Woodstock ON).  Tee-Dee is on the move, showing up today in Woodstock, roughly 40 kilometres southwest of Kitchener.

August 27, 2003:  43.5N, 80.6W (Kitchener ON).  Tee-Dee is beginning to explore the area outside of Kitchener-Waterloo.  On August 17 she was off to the southwest around Mannheim, then on August 21 he was off in the opposite direction, northeast of the city near Breslau.  Most recently, yesterday's report puts him on the west edge of Waterloo.

August 10, 2003:  43.5N, 80.6W (Kitchener ON).  The first few reports from Tee-Dee indicate that he has not yet explored areas outside of Kitchener-Waterloo (at least not on days when the transmitter has been broadcasting).

July 30, 2003:  43.5N, 80.6W (Kitchener ON).  Late this morning, Tee-Dee was fitted with a satellite transmitter and released again at the Kitchener Town Hall.  Updates will be posted here regularly detailing his movements.


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