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CPF Project Track-'em - 2003/04 season - Richmond

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project Track-'em 2003-2004 Season








Richmond's photo gallery

Richmond is one of the three young peregrines from the Richmond Hill hack release in August 2003.  He was fitted with a satellite transmitter on August 15, 2003, and the data received from him will be documented on this page as reports are received.

October 25, 2003:  location unknown.  Nearly two weeks have passed since any reports were received from Richmond; we will update when news comes in.

October 13, 2003:  32.2N, 81.1W (Hardeeville SC).  Again Richmond has moved only 40 kilometres in four days, now approaching the northern outskirts of Savannah, Georgia.

October 9, 2003:  32.4N, 80.7W (Parris Island SC).  It seems that Richmond is beginning to settle down, as he is only 40 kilometres southwest of where he was four days ago.

October 5, 2003:  32.6N, 80.4W (Edisto Island SC).  Richmond has continued south along the Atlantic Coast, with reports today coming from an area south of Charleston, South Carolina.

September 30, 2003:  37.8N, 77.3W (Hanover VA).  Hard to believe, but all of a sudden Richmond has taken off to the south in a big hurry.  Late this morning he was already passing ~70 kilometres to the west of Washington DC, and by the last report we got in early evening he was approaching Hanover, Virginia, roughly 30 kilometres north of Richmond.

September 25, 2003:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill ON).  Still no action to report from Richmond.

September 18, 2003:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill ON).  Another two weeks have passed, and there is no change to report - Richmond still has yet to report to us from any further than a few kilometres from the hack box.

September 5, 2003:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill ON).  Richmond isn't proving to be very adventurous at all yet!  Over the past ten days, all reports have come from within a roughly five kilometre radius, centered around the Richmond Hill Town Hall.

August 27, 2003:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill ON).  We have had some difficulty receiving the initial reports from Richmond's transmitter due to a computer glitch, but that has now been repaired.  In the meantime, he has continued to be seen around the Richmond Hill Town Hall, so his whereabouts haven't been a mystery during this time.


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