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Pinnacle's transmitter partly sponsored by the City of Montreal.

Tracked July 27, 2000 - October 26, 2000

Pinnacle hatched on a cliff of Mount Pinnacle in Baldwin Mills, Quebec, some time in mid-May.  She took her first flight in late June, and one month later she was captured and equipped with a small satellite transmitter.  Below is a map summarizing her travels over a period of three months, followed by commentary on her movements during this time.



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February 9, 2001:  location unknown.  No news of Pinnacle yet, I'm afraid.  The possibility remains of course that she is still alive, and will be spotted at some point during the spring - any possible sightings should be reported to  If we do receive any news of her whereabouts, they will of course be posted on this page.

November 14, 2000:  location unknown.  It has been nearly three weeks since we last heard from Pinnacle's transmitter, and during this period we would have expected at least three reports to come in.  At this point it's still very possible that the transmitter will come back to life again, and we hope to have positive news to share shortly.  In the meantime, I encourage anyone in southern Quebec to keep an eye out for a peregrine wearing a backpack transmitter, and to report any sightings to us at

October 25, 2000:  45.6N, 71.8W.  Once again, Pinnacle is moving back toward Sherbrooke.  It's looking more and more like she's settling into this general area for the winter.

October 20, 2000:  45.7N, 72.2W.  After just a week south of the border, Pinnacle has returned to Canada.  In fact, she's at almost the same spot she was back on October 3, near Richmond (between Sherbrooke and Drummondville).

October 16, 2000:  44.7N, 73.1W.  Once again, Pinnacle has made a short journey further away from home.  She's now somewhere on the shores of Lake Champlain, near Plattsburgh, New York.  This puts her close to 140 km southwest (as the peregrine flies) of Baldwin Mills, Quebec, where she hatched five months ago.   Not a tremendous distance away yet, but that may well change in the coming weeks.

October 12, 2000:  44.7N, 72.5W.  Pinnacle has finally crossed the border!  For the first time since we began receiving reports from her in July, she is south of 45 degrees latitude, and outside of Canada.  She is now in Vermont (albeit just barely) and this may be a sign that a migration is about to begin in earnest.  Her next report, due later this week, should be very interesting.

October 7, 2000:  45.5N, 72.1W.  Another short journey for Pinnacle - this time approximately 25 km (15 miles) to the south / southwest.  In general, she continues to circle around the area of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

October 3, 2000:  45.7N, 72.2W.  Pinnacle continues to tease us with slight movements.  Today she's again roughly 35 kilometres west / northwest of her last reported location, but still in the general vicinity of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

September 28, 2000:  45.6N, 71.8W.  A slight shift in position to the south and east today for Pinnacle.  It seems that ever so slightly she is heading back in the direction of Lac Lyster where she grew up earlier this summer.

September 24, 2000:  45.7N, 72.0W.  There has been no movement for Pinnacle in the last few days.  Perhaps she is gathering strength for a migration ... or else she may be getting comfortable with a wintering territory in this part of the world.

September 19, 2000:  45.7N, 72.0W.  It seems that very gradually, Pinnacle is moving back in the direction from which she came, i.e. southeast toward Sherbrooke.  

September 15, 2000:  45.8N, 72.2W.  No significant movement by Pinnacle over the past several days.

September 10, 2000:  45.8N, 72.2W.  Pinnacle continues to move around in the same general area; this time she has shifted back to the east a bit. 

September 6, 2000:  45.7N, 72.6W.   Pinnacle is back on the move!  She continues to head northwest, and is now off of our map.  We will try to find another map shortly so that we can keep plotting her position on it.

September 1, 2000:  45.5N, 71.9W.  Once again, Pinnacle has remained in a relatively small area for a third consecutive series of transmissions.  She's a bit closer to Sherbrooke today, but still within a few kilometres of where she has spent the past week.

August 28, 2000:  45.6N, 71.9W.  Pinnacle hasn't moved far in the past five days, but today's readings put her a bit to the east of Windsor, in a more remote area.

August 23, 2000:  45.6N, 71.9W.  Time for a change of scenery!  Pinnacle has flown ~30 km northwest to Windsor, north of Sherbrooke.

August 19, 2000:  45.4N, 71.6W.  It looks like Pinnacle likes the area around Cookshire, as this is the third consecutive series of transmissions from this location, now spanning over one week.

August 14, 2000:  45.4N, 71.6W.  Pinnacle has remained in the same general area, moving just a bit south to the area around Sawyerville.

August 10, 2000:  45.4N, 71.6W.  Suddenly Pinnacle is on the move!  The latest coordinates have her near Cookshire, roughly 50 km northeast of Baldwin Mills as the peregrine flies.  It will be interesting to see whether she returns home from here or continues to wander further afield.

August 5, 2000:  45.0N, 71.9W.  Again, today's reports indicate that Pinnacle has not left the area around Baldwin Mills.

August 1, 2000:  45.0N, 71.9W.  Pinnacle remains near home, with all of today's satellite readings placing her on or near Mount Pinnacle.


July 27, 2000:  45.0N, 71.9W.  This afternoon, after two unsuccessful days, we were able to capture Pinnacle.  It took less than an hour to fit her with the satellite backpack harness, and she was immediately released again after that.   In the evening we received our first transmission from the satellite, confirming her location on the rocks overlooking Lac Lyster. 


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