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Hope's transmitter fully sponsored by the New Ontario Trillium Foundation

Hope is one of the five chicks hatched at the nest of Pounce-Kingsley and Victoria in downtown Toronto in mid-May 2002.  Around one month of age, Hope and her siblings were rescued from their nest when it was discovered that both parents had died.  The chicks were cared for by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and placed in the Richmond Hill hack box for release.  Hope took flight for the first time on June 28, and after three weeks was recaptured to have a satellite transmitter attached for participation in Project Track-'em.  Her transmitter will provide us with information on Hope's location every four to five days for a period of up to one year.  All reports will be posted in the "Traveler's Diary" below. 

November 16, 2002:  43.7N, 80.8W (Listowel ON)There has been no change in position for Hope's signal over the past ten weeks.  Throughout much of this time, the activity sensor on her transmitter has also been stationary, indicating that Hope has either died while wearing the transmitter, or has somehow managed to extricate herself from the harness and dropped the transmitter at this location.  Mark Nash has spent many long days at the site searching for the transmitter using a handheld receiver (see Hope's photo gallery), but without yet being able to locate it.  We hope to eventually be able to find the unit and determine whether in fact Hope perished here, and if so, attempt to learn why.

September 3, 2002:  43.7N, 80.8W (Listowel ON)At last we have received another clear signal from Hope's transmitter, indicating a location several kilometres east of Listowel, in the area northwest of Kitchener-Waterloo.

August 30, 2002:  43.5N, 80.7W (St. Agatha ON)Once again the signals from Hope's transmitter leave something to be desired, but from what we can gather it appears she has moved somewhat to the southeast, and is now near St. Agatha, about ten kilometres west of Kitchener.

August 26, 2002:  43.6N, 81.2W (Walton ON)It looks like Hope may have finally left home!  The location received from her transmitter today was near Walton, Ontario - southwest of Brussels, and approximately 80 kilometres north of London.  A caveat though - there was just a single report from the unit, and it was of the poorest signal quality, so there may be a fair amount of error associated with this location; hopefully her next report will clarify her position somewhat.

August 21, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Today Hope was back home at the Richmond Hill Town Hall, according to the satellite data received this evening.

August 17, 2002:  43.9N, 79.3W (Markham)At last Hope is ranging a bit away from home, this time just a bit to the northeast in Markham, likely not far beyond the Buttonville Airport.

August 13, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Hope is still not moving far from the Richmond Hill Town Hall according to the latest satellite data.

August 8, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Both visual sightings and satellite readings confirm that Hope is still spending much of her time around the Richmond Hill Town Hall.

August 4, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)In the late afternoon, Hope's transmitter indicated she was slightly northwest of the Richmond Hill Town Hall, but by nightfall she had returned home again.

July 31, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Hope remains at the Richmond Hill Town Hall.

July 27, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Consistent with the observations of viewers on the ground, Hope's transmitter has indicated tonight that she remains at the Richmond Hill Town Hall.

July 23, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Hope's second report indicates that she remains around the area of the Richmond Hill Town Hall.

July 18, 2002:  43.8N, 79.4W (Richmond Hill)Today Hope became the sixth Richmond Hill peregrine to join Project Track-'em.  For now she remains at least partially dependent on the food being provided at the hack box, and thus we expect that she may remain in the area for a while yet.  However, her transmitter may provide us with insights into how far she is wandering during the day, and these reports will be posted here in the coming weeks and months.


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