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Destiny's transmitter is fully funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Destiny was hatched in captivity at an Ontario breeding facility in June 2002, and was brought to the Kitchener-Waterloo hack box for release.  Along with her brothers Langford and Gillespie, Destiny was released on July 30.  She developed her flight skills well, and was recaptured after a week to have a satellite transmitter attached for participation in Project Track-'em.  Her transmitter is a 30-gram battery powered unit, which should provide us with data on her location approximately every four to five days over a period of up to one year.  Reports will be posted in the "Traveler's Diary" below on a regular basis.

November 16, 2002:  43.1N, 81.1W (London ON)Destiny's signal has come from the same area northeast of London for more than two months, and for much of this time, the activity sensor on her transmitter has also been stationary, indicating that Destiny has either died while wearing the transmitter, or has somehow managed to extricate herself from the harness and dropped the transmitter at this location.  Mark Nash has spent many long days at the site searching for the transmitter using a handheld receiver (see Hope's photo gallery), but without yet being able to locate it.  We hope to eventually be able to find the unit and determine whether in fact Destiny perished here, and if so, attempt to learn why.

September 8, 2002:  43.1N, 81.1W (London ON).  Destiny's signal again came to us today from northeast of London, close to where she was last time.

September 3, 2002:  43.1N, 81.1W (London ON).  Destiny has shifted a bit more to the southwest, and is now approaching the outskirts of London, still about 10 kilometres from downtown though.

August 28, 2002:  43.2N, 81.2W (Uniondale ON).  For the first time, Destiny is reporting from away from home.  Her current location is around Uniondale, Ontario, northeast of the City of London, and approximately 55 kilometres WSW of Kitchener.

August 25, 2002:  43.5N, 80.5W (Kitchener).  Destiny remains in the vicinity of downtown Kitchener.

August 21, 2002:  43.4N, 80.5W (Kitchener).  Though slightly south of her previous position, Destiny is still in Kitchener, staying close to home for now at least.

August 18, 2002:  43.5N, 80.5W (Kitchener).  Destiny continues to be seen on or near the Kitchener City Hall, and her broadcast signal today confirmed this location.

August 11, 2002:  43.5N, 80.5W (Kitchener).  Both visual confirmations and today's satellite reports indicate that Destiny remains in downtown Kitchener near the City Hall.

August 7, 2002:  43.5N, 80.5W (Kitchener).  Earlier today Destiny received her transmitter, and its first signals this evening confirm that the unit is accurately reporting her location in downtown Kitchener.

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