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Transmitter 15115 fully sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission

This female peregrine hatched at the Gulf Tower nest in Pittsburgh in April 2002.  On May 17, she was fitted with a battery-powered satellite transmitter.  Reports from her first year of flight are posted elsewhere; below are notes on her second year movements.

Summer / early fall 2002:


September 29, 2003:  Philadelphia?  The few reports coming from 15115 lately continue to be very weak and inaccurate.  It's likely that she remains in the same area of Philadelphia, but data cannot confirm that at this time.

September 18, 2003:  39.9N, 75.0W (Philadelphia PA).  The last clear signal from 15115 was more than a week ago, on the east side of the greater Philadelphia area.  The transmissions from her PTT have been declining in quality for a while, corresponding with a gradual loss of battery power, and it may be that we will soon stop receiving reports entirely.

September 1, 2003:  39.9N, 75.2W (Philadelphia PA).  Although she is still in Philadelphia, 15115 has been getting more restless of late, including a brief side trip west to Oxford, Pennsylvania a couple of days ago (roughly 75 kilometres away).  

August 27, 2003:  39.9N, 75.2W (Philadelphia PA).  No changes of note over the past couple of weeks, as 15115 remains in the Philadelphia area.

August 10, 2003:  39.9N, 75.4W (Philadelphia PA).  15115's excursion near the end of July was just a temporary diversion, as she has been back in downtown Philadelphia ever since.

July 27, 2003:  39.8N, 75.3W (Gibbstown NJ).  15115 remained in downtown Philadelphia until at least a week ago, but today has drifted a bit to the southwest.  This may be a temporary movement, or perhaps the first sign of restlessness setting in as the lead up to fall.

July 13, 2003:  39.9N, 75.4W (Philadelphia PA).  As suspected at the last update, 15115 has picked her spot for the summer, staying in Philadelphia ever since.  Most of her activity has been confined to an area of roughly 6 kilometres around downtown Philadelphia.

June 21, 2003:  39.9N, 75.4W (Philadelphia PA).  It appears that 15115 may have finally settled down.  She has spent another two weeks on the south side of Philadelphia, marking nearly a month now since her last foray to New York City. 

June 7, 2003:  39.7N, 75.2W (Philadelphia PA).  For once, 15115 has spent more than a week in the same area!  She has remained in the greater Philadelphia region, most recently in the southern suburbs of the city.

May 31, 2003:  39.9N, 75.2W (Philadelphia PA).  Sure enough, 15115 has gone back to Philadelphia yet again!  This time an intermediate stop near Newark, New Jersey was recorded on May 27, but by May 29 she was back again on the east side of Philadelphia.

May 24, 2003:  40.9N, 73.9W (Manhattan NY).  Between May 18 and May 20, 15115 again made the journey 150 kilometres northeast to Manhattan.  She has since remained in the same neighbourhood for the past four days.

May 19, 2003:  39.9N, 75.1W (Philadelphia PA).  Not much movement from 15115 over the past week, still staying near downtown Philadelphia.

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