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Transmitter 15114 fully sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission

This male peregrine hatched at the Gulf Tower nest in Pittsburgh in April 2002.  On May 17, 2002 he was fitted with a solar-powered satellite transmitter.  Results from the first year of tracking are posted here.  On this page are updates from the second year of tracking.

SPRING 2003:

SUMMER 2003:

September 18, 2003:  location unknown.  There have been no further reports from 15114 since the one at Long Point.  Transmissions from 15114 have been erratic and unclear at times this summer, so it is possible the transmitter is failing.  We will continue to monitor, and will post updates if it broadcasts again.

September 2, 2003:  42.6N, 80.2W (Long Point ON).  It looks like 15114 has thoughts of moving on again.  Today he is far out on the Long Point peninsula, approximately 5 kilometres from the tip.  Bird banders at the tip may be in for a surprise if 15114 decides to pay them a visit!

August 29, 2003:  42.9N, 80.0W (Port Dover ON).  15114 has shifted a bit back to the east, to the Jarvis area.

August 27, 2003:  42.8N, 80.2W (Port Dover ON).  15114 has remained in the same general area along the north shore of Lake Erie, gradually drifting a bit west to the Port Dover area over the past couple of weeks.

August 10, 2003:  42.9N, 80.0W (Jarvis ON).  For much of the past two weeks, signals from 15114 were relatively unclear.  However, a couple of days ago a stronger report indicated he has shifted down closer to Lake Erie, southeast of Jarvis.  Good numbers of shorebirds occur along the Lake Erie shoreline at this time of year, and they have attracted the attention of other peregrines in the past.  The transmitter on 15114 may help us learn whether this prey source encourages a peregrine to stay in the area, or whether they tend to roam more widely at this time of year, and just take advantage of the abundance of shorebirds when they happen to be in the area.

July 27, 2003:  43.2N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  Over the past two weeks, 15114 has drifted more inland, hanging around above the Niagara Escarpment, south of Hamilton.

July 13, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  15114 has clearly settled in for the summer, having again moved very little over the past three weeks.  In fact, most of his time has been spent in a very small area of Stoney Creek, near the Lake Ontario shoreline east of Hamilton.  Most recently though, his coordinates were right in downtown Hamilton, for only the second time since arriving in the area - perhaps the increasing independence of the local peregrine family has made it possible for 15114 to make an appearance there without being driven out by the adults.

June 21, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  More of the same from 15114 over the past couple of weeks, roaming around the perimeter of Hamilton without spending much time in the city itself.

June 7, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  As of today, 15114 is again on the northwest side of Hamilton.  Over the past week he has again wandered all around the city.  Early in the week, he headed east along the south shore of Lake Ontario toward Vineland, then returned and actually was right in downtown Hamilton for once on Tuesday, before heading back out toward the periphery of the city again.

May 31, 2003:  43.2N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  Little has changed recently, with 15114 still alternating between the north and south fringes of Hamilton.  Aside from an excursion to the area of the Ford Plant in Oakville on May 20, and a couple of visits to the Grimsby shoreline on May 19 and May 28, the reports of 15114 have all come from within roughly 5 kilometres of downtown Hamilton.

May 18, 2003:  43.3N, 79.8W (Hamilton ON).  15114 has spent another full week in Hamilton, alternating between the north and south sides of the downtown area.

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