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Police save the falcon Lightning in Santiago

Translated by Marcel Gahbauer
from an article by Leoncio Peralta and Felix Parra in Listin Diario
(March 15, 2002)

NOTE:  the bird was subsequently determined to be not Lightning, but a red-tailed hawk (see Article #7)


The falcon that had preyed upon doves and other birds of the countryside arrived in the city this week.  Yesterday it reappeared at Columbus Park, then flew to the Fortress San Luis where it was captured by members of the police who brought it to a veterinarian, where it remains at the moment.  It will be sent today to the zoo at Santo Domingo.

Police representative Damián Arias Matos said that the bird was chased by youths in the Pepines neighbourhood, and flew toward the fortress.  The veterinarian confirmed that the bird was not seriously injured in the attack.  However, it was recommended that the bird be sent to Fernando León for care until the bird could today be transferred to the Santo Domingo Zoo.  It will subsequently be sent to the Fundación de Vida Sivestre.

Yesterday it was believed that the bird had been struck and injured, but police denied this story.  After having reappeared in Columbus Park on Del Sol Road, a large group of curious onlookers gathered to photograph it.  From there the bird flew to 16 of August Road in Los Pepines, where it was besieged.  It was sent to the veterinarian on the instructions of General Máximo Peralta Rodríguez.

Yesterday there had been many reports of kestrels in the trees along Cuba Street and they had been previously been trapped by various youths in a building on the corner of Sanchez and Doctor Eldon Streets in Los Pepines.

Since late yesterday morning the falcon began to draw the attention of journalists and photographers, when it perched on the Altagracia church.  There it caught a dove and flew to a tree in Columbus Park, where hundreds of curious people watched it.  It is said that this bird first went to San Francisco de Macoris after passing through several areas on its way here from Canada.

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