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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Woodbridge

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
Woodbridge Public School (Woodbridge)

Visit sponsored by:  TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

In November 2001 we debuted our new "Owl Unit" to the students at Woodbridge Public School, with the help of our Eagle Owl "Bubo" and Barn Owl "Seamus".  Many of the students took the time to send us letters after our visit.  Below are some samples:

Dear Marcel,

I really enjoyed your presentation.  you did an excellent job on presenting the information and the owls.  I was really interested in how owls live and how they look for food.  The owls you presented were beautiful.  The barn owl was very interesting.  And the eagle owl was very very good!  Hw was scary at first but he looked very interesting.  It's amazing how owls look and how they live.  It must be fun going to different schools and presenting those owls to the children.  They must be thrilled to see those owls.  Overall your presentation was very well done, and I liked it a lot.  Thank you for taking time to come to our school and present those owls.  Our school really appreciates it!

Dear Canadian Peregrine Foundation,

Thank you for coming to our school.  I enjoyed the presentation on the owls.  I liked that I could see the owls that they were talking about.  I thought it was very informational.  I thought the presenter was very enthusiastic when he was talking about the owls.  I'm glad I had a chance to see the barn owl.  I thought it was cute.  I would have never seen an owl if you didn't come.  It was a great idea for you to come.  I thought it was amazing when they tried to fly and you could see how long their wings were.  I hope you come again!  Thank you!

Dear Canadian Peregrine Foundation,

Thank you for your great presentation.  It was fun to watch and I learned a lot from it.  The presentation that you made was very inspiring.  I am starting to take a slight interest in peregrine falcons and other endangered species.  I liked your barn owl.  It was a very nice owl and it looked very peaceful.  I hope that you keep up the good work with warning the world about endangered species.  I hope that people will heed to the warning that the world is losing animals.  We need animals.  Also, if we humans alter the food chain, we could end up losing all of our animals.  That is, IF we alter the food chain.  If we choose to try and make our world a better place and we stop killing animals or animal prey then we could probably save our world from the state it is in now.  Hope you keep up the good work!

Dear Marcel,

Thank you for coming to our school for the presentation.  I learned a lot about owls and how they live.  I liked when you brought out the two owls.  The barn owls was so cute.  I didn't really like owls and bird-related things but maybe it was because I didn't know a lot about them.  It was good when you talked about animals being extinct because that was a science unit for the grade eights.  I expected the presentation to be boring but it was very interesting.  Woodbridge Public School really appreciated you coming to do the presentation. Thanks!

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