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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Wilson Avenue

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
Wilson Avenue Public School (Kitchener)

Visits sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In November 2002, we returned to  Wilson Avenue Public School in Kitchener with one of our peregrine falcons.  Below is a letter we received from the school after the visit.

We want to thank you for coming to our school to do a presentation on Peregrine Falcons.  Students and teachers enjoyed the presentation tremendously and learned a lot about Peregrine Falcons.  Most people in the audience have never seen a live falcon before; what a beautiful bird. 

We very much appreciate the support through TD Friends of the Environment to have this presentation at our school at no cost.  This partnership in education is a model for the entire community.

 Brigitta Hane Principal  

In December 1999, we visited Wilson Avenue Public School in Kitchener with our 9-year-old peregrine falcon "Qetesh".  Below is a letter we received from the school after the visit.

It was a marvelous day!   Our junior students were invited to attend and were made aware of the many unique aspects of the peregrine falcon.  Many students had read about and studied endangered species but had never viewed one in an up close, real situation.  The teachers who were there also felt that this was a special learning experience for their classes.   The knowledge gained from this presentation will help students to appreciate the effects of environmental pollution on our wildlife and habitats.  Hopefully this knowledge will transfer over into positive action on the part of our students, encouraging them to do their part in helping to maintain a healthy environment for our wildlife species.

The video and resource guide which were donated to the school as a part of the presentation will be a great asset when teaching the Science curriculum units "Habitat", "The Diversity of Living Things" as well as "Birds".  The website will enable children to access more information and to contribute over the Internet.  It is a wonderful idea.

The presenters, Bill and Marcel, were very knowledgeable and their delivery was appropriate to the age of their audience.  They patiently answered questions and allowed discussion that enhanced the presentation.

The foundation certainly is a beneficial organization which brings attention to the impacts of environmental pollution on our wildlife species!

Thank you on behalf of the students and teachers of Wilson Avenue Public School.

Sincerely, J. Jespersen-Chard

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