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Project School Visit:
Southridge Public School (Kitchener)

Visits sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In November 2002, we returned to  Southridge Public School in Kitchener with one of our peregrine falcons.  Below is a comment from the principal:

On behalf of the staff and students, thank you for your excellent presentation today.  Students were intrigued and impressed.

 M. Snyder Principal

In June 2000, we visited Southridge Public School in Kitchener with our one-year-old male peregrine falcon "Scotty".  Below are some comments from the principal:

Southridge School thoroughly enjoyed the Peregrine Falcon presentations that occurred at our school on Tuesday June 6, 2000.

The presentation was interesting and informative.  The video was easy to follow and "hooked" kids interest.  It provided good background on the peregrine as an endangered species.

Marcel was a very knowledgeable speaker who shared information in a low key but effective manner.  The question and answer time was well received.  Naturally, the presence of the peregrine falcon was the highlight of the presentation. 

The presentation was relevant to both the grade 4 (Habitats - Birds) and the grade 6 (Diversity of Living Things) science curriculum units.

I would also like to acknowledge the funding support from the Friends of the Environment Foundation which made this most worthwhile presentation possible.  The students were in awe!


M. Snyder, Principal

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