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Project School Visit:
River Oaks Public School (Oakville)

Visit sponsored by: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

In October 2001, we visited Oakville's River Oaks Public School with our juvenile male peregrine falcon "Oscar".  Below are some comments from one of the teachers, and two wonderful drawings from the grade 6 students:

On October 12, Tracy Simpson made a wonderful presentation to approximately 280 students at River Oaks School.  I use the word 'wonderful' not only because of my feelings about the program, but most of all, for the way the students responded.  During my session, they were completely focused and interested in the information Tracy so thoroughly gave.  Since that time, there have been many references to peregrines during discussions, so I know the children have retained the 'key messages'.  Needless to say, Oscar made a big impression.

It is very important for students to have opportunities like this in order to connect them to the real environment as it is impossible for teachers to have all the resources needed or go on fieldtrips to cover every curriculum unit.  This presentation, an addition to the grade 4 "Habitats" unit already covered, gave a big impression of not only habitats of peregrines, but adaptations and habits as well.  More importantly, because we often communicate a doom-and-gloom attitude to students about the environment, it is a great example of how man can change nature both in positive and negative ways.  The students were most impressed that these beautiful birds can be seen in Southern Ontario and, of course, closer to their fingertips, on the internet.

We are aware that without sponsors such as TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation this program probably would not exist.  Please pass along thanks to them from all of our students and staff.  Again, thanks for allowing us this opportunity to learn about peregrines and get a peek at another part of our environment from a different angle.


Judy Eberspaecher
On behalf of the Grade 4, 5, 6 Students and Staff at River Oaks Public School

by A.J.

by Alex

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