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Project School Visit:
Rick Hanson Public School (London)

Visits sponsored by: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

In September 2001, we re-visited London's Rick Hanson Public School with our young male peregrine falcon "Oscar".  Below are a couple of drawings submitted by the students, and a letter from the principal:

by Jamie

by Kaitlyn

On behalf of the students and staff at Rick Hanson Public School I would like to thank the Foundation and its generous sponsor TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment, for the excellent presentation made to the students of grades 4 to 6 on September 20, 2001.

Oscar, the peregrine falcon, and his presenter/handler touched the minds and hearts of all those who were privileged to see and hear them in what was stated to be their "maiden" visit.  The visual and auditory components of the presentation not only heightened our awareness of the environmental implications for the peregrine falcon but also enhanced our understanding of how the Ontario education curriculum is so closely connected to other environmental issues.  It was particularly beneficial to have been asked in advance by you to have us indicate which units of study each grade level would be addressing this year.  Some of the topics chosen were: Habitat, Endangered Species, the Peregrine in Egyptian History and Diversity of Living Things.  In addition to the live presentation, we were also left with copies of the video documentary "Life on the Ledge" and several hard copies of The Student's Guide to Ontario's Endangered Wildlife-Peregrine Falcon Unit.

All of this would not have been made possible without the valued partnership and generous funding provided by Friends of the Environment Foundation and the knowledge and expertise shared by the volunteers and staff of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.  It is our wish that every school population could enjoy and benefit from this program. Congratulations on your exemplary project! Please find enclosed several pieces of children's art depicting the peregrine in its natural habitat which may be posted for others to view on your website.

Jim Nolan

In January 2001, we visited London's Rick Hansen Public School with our ten-year-old female peregrine falcon "Qetesh".  Below are some comments from the school:

Thank you so much for your presentation to our Grade 4 and Grade 6 students on January 29th of this year.  The students learned a great deal about the Peregrine Falcon which has, as you know, received quite a bit of press in the London area in the past few years.

The presentation was informative and kept the students' interest for the entire hour.  The follow-up information will be well used in the years to come.  I have noticed several of our students have taken it upon themselves to look up your website which says a great deal about how they received the message.  You have a good way about you in the classroom which is not always the case with outside presenters.

A special thank you to Canada Trust for sponsoring the presentation.

Thanks again, 

Peter Hammond

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