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Project School Visit:
Princess Elizabeth Public School (Orangeville)

Visit sponsored by:  TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

In December 2001, we visited Orangeville's Princess Elizabeth Public School with our adult female peregrine falcon, Qetesh.  Below is a letter from the school:

To: TD Friends of the Environment Foundation,

On behalf of the teachers and students of Princess Elizabeth Public School, I would like to thank you for sponsoring our visit from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

The presentation by Tracy Simpson was very informative and extremely well presented.  It was both curriculum and age appropriate as was evident by the captive audience she had throughout the two seminar sessions.  Qetesh, our falcon visitor, was magnificent and it was obvious that Tracy loved her and respected her feelings.  The video and student guides that Tracy left for us are valuable resources that will be well used in our classrooms and library.

Our students were excited by the presentation.  They are interested in further researching the falcon and in visiting the Foundation's website.  It is through understanding and educational opportunities such as this one that we are able to make positive choices and change.  By sponsoring this project, you are helping us in our quest to educate children about their environment and prepare for a sustainable future.


Jill Smith-Brodie

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