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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - Project School Visit - Princess Margaret

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Project School Visit:
Princess Margaret Public School (Niagara Falls)

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In January 2000, we visited the grade 4, 6, and 7 students at Princess Margaret Public School in Niagara Falls.  We have received some great feedback from the school, including a letter from the vice-principal, and a few photographs taken by him during the presentation, featuring CPF biologist Marcel Gahbauer with Scotty, our one-year-old peregrine falcon.

Last week, Princess Margaret School students had the honour of a visit from one of your peregrine falcons and a conservationist.  Students and teachers found the visit so informative that it was a highlight of the year, thanks to your Foundation and and Canada Trust's Friends of the Environment Foundation.

The conservationist had an excellent manner with the children.  Children were amazed to hear how right here in Niagara Falls there is a peregrine nest that needs to be watched and protected.  The environmental benefits of the presentation helped children understand how humans interact with their surroundings.  The highlight, of course, was when students got to meet the live peregrine falcon -- all eyes were transfixed on the magnificent wonder of nature and you could see students coming to the understanding that this species is endangered.   The conservationist answered questions well and his tone with the students made everyone feel that they were a part of the solution in terms of helping peregrine falcons as well as the environment.

The instructional materials and video left for the school library are a wonderful addition to our collection - and our hottest item these days.  We even had parents in to watch because they had heard the morning sessions were so amazing!  Everyone in our school community has been enriched by the experience.

Thanks again for helping us all, especially our students, reach a further understanding of our role in helping the environment.

Sincerely, Lorne Gretsinger, Vice-Principal

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