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Project School Visit:
King's Road Public School (Burlington)

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In February 2000, we visited Burlington's King's Road School with our one-year-old male peregrine falcon "Scotty".  Below are some comments from the principal, as well as feedback from the students themselves, and three drawings from students, Jeff (top), Lahaie (middle) and Josh (bottom):

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for visiting King's Road Public School and making a presentation to our grade 4 and 5 students.  The presentation and tape given to the school definitely heightened the children's awareness about the plight of the Peregrine Falcon and about the Recovery Program to ensure their future survival.

Seeing a real Peregrine Falcon in our gym made a lasting impression on the children and kindled a real desire to help these magnificent birds.  Our students made posters to display around the school, wrote in their journals, discussed the presentation and the plight of the falcon with their classmates and parents, and held their own Valentine fundraiser for the falcons.  The presentation was excellent and a great experience for our students.  I highly endorse it for any schools.

The following comments are very representative of all the children who viewed the presentation and tape:

  • "I think the Falcon Presentation was neat because we learned a lot about falcons.  I learned that people put a device that goes on their back, like a backpack, and it tells where the falcons are going" (Christina)
  • "I think the presentation was awesome.  It was cool seeing the real bird!  It was great because I learned a lot" (Diana)
  • "Learning about the Falcons is good because you can help the Falcons live a healthy life in their habitat" (Haneen)
  • "One thing that I really enjoyed was seeing the falcon up close.  I also liked learning about the falcon" (Heather)
  • "I really enjoyed the video and presentation because you got to see and learn interesting stuff" (Chris)


L. Stevens, Principal

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