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Project School Visit:
A.R. Kaufman Public School (Kitchener)

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In November 1999, we visited Kitchener's A.R. Kaufman Public School.  The students had an opportunity to meet "Qetesh", our 9-year-old female peregrine falcon.  Below is a letter from one of the teachers:

We are writing today to express our gratitude to you and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for giving us the opportunity to hear your presentation and meet "Qetesh".

All the students enjoyed your presentation.  For many of them, it is the only time they have seen, or will see, a peregrine falcon.  Most students have heard about endangered species but few have actually learned about them first hand.  From the questions asked by students and the comments from other teachers attending the presentation it is safe to say that we are all more aware of peregrine falcons, birds of prey, and endangered species.

Although your program centred on the peregrine falcon, all students will take their new knowledge of environmental pollution and apply it to other species (including human) we will discuss in our grade specific curricula.

Your program was excellent and touched on the curriculum for Habitat and The Diversity of Living Things in a very "real world" way.  We are all looking forward to viewing the video you left with the school and using the student guides when we teach these units.

The teachers and students of A.R. Kaufman say a huge thank you to you, Bill and Marcel, for your efforts.  You have made us more aware of the impacts of pollution on our lives.  We would love to be kept up to date about the latest news on tracking the falcons and will keep our eye on your website.

Three cheers to your foundation, the peregrine falcon, and endangered species!

Yours in education,

Stephen Irving, on behalf of the teachers and students of A.R. Kaufman School

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