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Project School Visit:
Sir Edgar Bauer Catholic School (Waterloo)

Visit sponsored by: Friends of the Environment Foundation

In February 2000, we visited Waterloo's Sir Edgar Bauer School with our one-year-old male peregrine falcon "Scotty".  Below are some comments from the librarian:

We would like to thank the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for sending the presentation to our school.   Amy, the speaker, had a relaxed, intelligent way of talking to the children and was obviously very knowledgeable about the subject.  Her presentation was full of information about the environment, the food chain and endangered species, which directly related to the current science curriculum.  She answered questions in an informed manner and even incorporated some humour into her facts.  We admired the way in which she handled Scotty with obvious care and respect, which is such a positive example for children.

The video was quite good and the students are looking forward to seeing the rest of it which we hope to present in the library for all the classes who attended the presentation.  The video will be catalogued and kept with out collection for future use.  Also the booklets will be used by individual classroom teachers in the future.

Your program not only provides up to date information about one of our magnificent and vulnerable species here in Ontario, but serves to heighten the awareness of students of our responsibility towards the environment and all the creatures which inhabit it.  It also gives them an intimate experience with a beautiful animal which hopefully will stir feelings of awe and love to all living creatures.  It is specially important to us as educators in a Catholic school to reinforce the values of respect for life and the planet whenever possible.  Meeting Scottie was a wonderful way to accomplish this as well as providing an important learning experience.  To quote a student, "That bird is really awesome.  I'll be watching the falcons on the web."  And another child said, "It's really scary to think about all the poisons we're still pouring all over the planet."

Good luck for all your future endeavours.


Veronica Jane Blythe, Librarian

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