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Bubo is a young European Eagle Owl who joined the CPF Education Team in June 2001.  As its name suggests, this species is native to Europe, rather than North America.  However, it is closely related to the Great Horned Owl found over much of North America.  Bubo hatched in captivity and was imprinted on humans.  His original owners had no interest in keeping him, and offered Bubo to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.  Bubo has become an important part of the CPF Education Program, helping to support the our Owl Unit. Bubo has been a part of the CPF's outreach team and, at the Raptor Centre, a member of the flight team as well.

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Feburary 2004 -- Although this photo is not Bubo, we thank Karen Young from Mich, USA for sending us this photo of the two 6-day old Eagle owlets. Karen breeds the owls.
(Photo by Karen Young)

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