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Alex is a female Great Horned Owl, hatched in the spring of 2000.  Imprinted on humans, Alex first came to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for a brief period when only slightly more than a month old.  At the time it was difficult to tell the bird's sex, and she was assumed to be a male, becoming known as "Alexander the Great ... Horned Owl".   Eventually it became apparent that Alexander was in fact an Alexandra, but we can still call her Alex!  Her parents were from Montana, where great horned owls are considerably smaller than in eastern Canada, adding to our initial confusion about her gender.

Alex has visited the Canadian Peregrine Foundation on a number of occasions, and is currently on loan to the Foundation from Ulrich Watermann and Bird Control International.  For now Alex is residing at the Birds of Prey Education Centre at Kortright. Alex has been a part of the CPF's outreach team and, at the Raptor Centre, a member of the CPF's flight team.

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