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Project School Visit:
Elizabeth B. Phin School (Pickering)

Visit sponsored by: local sponsors

In September 2000, we visited Pickering's Elizabeth B. Phin School with our 13-year-old male peregrine falcon "Pablo".  We haven't received any feedback from the students, but here is a letter from the school:

I am writing to complement the representatives of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation on an extremely successful visit to our school this fall.  The live falcon accompanied by a highly informative presentation has made a memorable impression on many in our school.

The program brought science to life.  It provided our students with the opportunity to connect with the environment, discuss immediate issues, and raise the level of awareness.  Of interest to our staff was the high level of questioning that occurred during the presentations.  Our students were obviously very motivated and involved with the seminars.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for their flexibility and cooperation in conducting the presentations.  The foundation was made aware of our special circumstances at E. B. Phin.  They were able to accommodate our entire school population (from Grade 1 to Grade 8).  The presentations were modified to keep the information meaningful for each group.  The teachers appreciated the effort made to include rather than exclude the younger students.

I would strongly recommend the Canadian Peregrine Foundation Project School Visit.  It is soundly connected to the science expectations at all grade levels and as a bonus is highly motivating.


Mrs. Mary-Ann Nova
Vice Principal

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