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(Newspaper Articles)

This page is dedicated to news articles about our School Visit program, reporting about individual visits made by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's outreach program educators.

If you know of a newspaper article published about one of our School Visits, please email to us.

All articles will be listed in chronological order - see the list below for the articles currently posted, and click on each to read the article.

Note that many of the links on this page point to outside websites, and we have no control over how long articles remain available.  Articles known to have been taken offline are noted as such below, but we have left the summaries in place to provide at least a brief overview of past stories.



Cambridge Times
(Mar 2, 2007)

Windsor Star
(Jan 30, 2007)

Atikokan Progress
(Nov 28, 2006)

The London Free Press
(Nov 28, 2006)

Thunder Bay's Source
(Nov 14, 2006)

The North Bay Nugget (Photo)
(Oct 29, 2006)

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