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Project School Visit:
William Merrifield VC Public School

Visit sponsored by: The Friends of the Environment Foundation - Sault Ste. Marie

On November the 7th, 2005, we visited Sault Ste. Marie's William Merrifield Public School. Below is a letter from the school.

Our c1ass was fortunate enough to listen to the presentation from your Foundation yesterday. Both my students and I were very impressed.

We learned a lot about the Peregrine Falcon and about other species of birds. I was particularly impressed by the amount of information that was packed into a one hour presentation. My students were so interested in the presentation that they retained most of the information after returning to class (which is a great accomplishment).

I would like to thank you very much for providing this service to classrooms like ours. It was a great start to our unit on the Diversity of Living Things which is a part of our Grade 6 Science curriculum. I was also interested to see the pages in the student workbook that had to do with the Characteristics of Flight and how the Peregrine Falcon compares to a plane. I am definitely going to use this lesson as part of our unit on Flight in the spring. In addition to the information that related directly to our curriculum, the students were also able learn a lot about the food chain, endangered species and many other tOpics.

Thank you for leaving us with a copy of "Life on the Ledge." It will be vJry beneficial for the students to watch the remainder of the film. Also I would like to thank you for leaving the copies of the student's guide, the postcards and the tattoos. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures the students have drawn. We look forward to looking at them on your website.

Thank you to TD Canada Trust-Friends of the Environment for providing the funding for us to have this program delivered to our school. We really appreciate it. The presentation was delivered in an exciting way and the students really responded positively to it. Thank you.

Rhonda Fleming
Grade 6 Teacher
William Merrifield Public School

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